Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spiral Dye Workshop Samples

These are the colorway/style choices (and the actual samples) for the Spiral Dyeing Workshop that I'll be teaching at SAFF, in NC in October. The technique is taken from The Big Book of Socks (link to the right). The colorways that students can choose from are: Patriotic (though the Country Classics Tomato Red dye came out pink), and Watermelon. The dye styles are- Spotty Spirals, and Wide Spirals.

It's a fun process and I love how the socks came out. For those considering the class, all of the materials, including dye and yarn, are provided (fee + materials are combined in the SAFF registration) (SAFF link to the right). The handout will also include a simple sock pattern (short-row heels are best with this kind of self-patterning yarn, though an afterthought heel would also work very well. A traditional gusset/flap construction changes the stitch count enough that the colors pool. If you like pooling, it's not a problem, but I prefer consistent striping throughout my socks).

Today, I'm going to dye the samples for the Graduated Color Band Dyeing Workshop. Lots of wet, color-y fun ahead!


Geek Knitter said...

Those are beautiful!

joannamauselina said...

Those are very cute socks. Too bad I live so far away. What fun it all sounds.

#4 said...

Those are Bea-utiful!!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Geek and Joanna- thanks!
#4- this is the class you are taking, my dear