Sunday, August 9, 2009

SS09-Day 3 what I forgot last night

Have I talked about the walking knitwear? Shawls, socks, sweaters, skirts, hats, wigs, and various clothing items whose origin and usefulness are whimsical and mysterious. So much beautiful handwork- it's everywhere. I get daily compliments on my socks. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I wore a shawl (the Harlot's Snowdrop). It was amazingly comfy and warm (no kidding- the convention center is cold), and it garnered a great many positive comments. I've made it a habit to stop total strangers (though no one here is a total stranger) and tell them how much I love their [insert knitted or crocheted item name here].

I have not yet worked up the courage to approach Stephanie. Not because I am shy (though amazingly enough, I do feel that way in her presence), but because every time I've spotted her in the wild, she looks very very busy. And tired. I really hope that she and Tina, and the rest of the amazing staff, are finding time to enjoy their wonderful creation.

And wonderful it has been- my only glitch has been not having BBoS in the official bookstore, which, given the tight timing, and the fact that I am not an actual teacher here, isn't surprising (and I had prepared myself for that eventuality). Otherwise, it has run smooth as butter.

Today is the last day, and I need to hit the shower. And maybe have a little more caffeine.

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