Saturday, August 15, 2009

Koigu Miters, and Ghostbusters '54

I bought some Koigu mill ends (!) at the Sock Summit, in order to knit some mitered cuff socks for Jane, who ferried me all around Portland for days on end while I summitted. She's very fond of orange, and though these are more on the peachy order, I think she'll like them.

This time around, I'm actually using two yarns on each square (which is how mitered squares are usually knit). There wasn't enough contrast in some of the more solid-ish yarn bits for single-color squares, unless I wanted to do each square in a different yarn. I very much did not want to knit each square in a different yarn. So bi-colored rows, it is.

I think they're going to be gorgeous!
And on a different subject altogether: what would Ghostbusters have been like if it had been filmed in 1954?

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