Saturday, August 8, 2009

SS09 Day 2- Do the Stroll With me

Day 2 at the Sock Summit was every bit as wonderful, busy, and exhausting as Day 1.

I started with a half hour at the Marketplace, where my friend Jane (who is not a knitter) was swayed to The Dark Side by a demo of needlefelting. She went home with a silk scarf, a brush, a set of needles, and a baggie of mohair locks. All part of our plan for World Dominance.

After that, I went to my Podcasting class, taught by Heather Ordover. She was a wonderful and funny teacher, and the subject is fascinating and technical and a little intimidating (it's not just talking into a microphone). I didn't get any pics, but I came away with the desire to record my horrid voice for you all to hear. Aren't you happy?

While the official Summit bookstore did not have copies of The Big Book of Socks, one of the vendors did have a few advance copies, which sold almost immediately. It was more than amazing to see them, in person, along the other sock and knitting books. Suddenly, it's *real*, and that's always a sobering moment.

I bought a Kundert spindle, and gold/green Merino/Tencel fiber from Girl on the Rocks (link on the right side of the page in Stash Enhancers- I love her stuff and have been buying from her for a long time and it was great to meet her in person). And some BFL in soft pinks and greens from Wool Candy. I did buy a little yarn (and I'm being honest here, it was just a little) but didn't get a pic. I'll take one tomorrow.

The big fun today was the Sock Hop, for which I actually dressed up (not a complex costume: denim capris, white button down shirt, saddle shoes, and a neck scarf). I also actually danced... somewhere deep in my subconscious, I pulled out the steps to The Stroll. Not only did I remember how to do it, I taught several others as well. Where the hell did that come from? I don't have a clue.

But I also got a pic of the Harlot doing the Hustle.

and one of me, with Jess and Casey... and if you know who they are, you know why I'm grinning like an idiot.

Tomorrow- more classes... more yarn... more shopping... more laughter...


knitbysue said...

I'm not able to go to the Sock Summit but I'm trying to follow everyone's fun through your blog and other's. It sounds like great fun. Thanks for the update and photos.

Anonymous said...

It will be great hearing your voice and does anyone ever like to hear their own voice? Not many I am sure!But rest assured..we, your fans..will like it.
Such a wonderful happy time you are having and I love the yarns you are purchasing!
Hey...maybe with a podcast we can see you actually knitting???

Annie said...

I would love to hear you do a podcast! Your Knitpicks interview is one that I re-listen to on a regular basis. And if your podcasts are anything like your blog, they'll be fantastic.