Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bead Socks, Sock of the Summer, and Sock of the Day #4

We watched another disc of Lost- Season 5 last night. The story is complex (it's a testament to both the writing and Michael Emerson's acting, that I never ever know what to think about Ben Linus. He may be the best Bad Guy in the history of television) but I would have been able to work on the current book project and watch too, except that I was at a point where things in the knitting become a little complex themselves (forming armhole steeks, and beginning V-Neck decreases, both of which involve a certain level of attention paid). It was a battle, but Lost won.

So I finished the beaded socks.

This yarn started out as a Knit Picks Sock Blank, and the dye process was detailed here. I am not a two-socks-on-one-or-two-needles-at-the-same-time knitter, so I separated the strands and knit the socks in my usual manner. They're certainly matchy. And they were on the needles a long time, though not as long as

these socks (Koigu, baby cables, no cable needle). I have worked on these socks (or more accurately, not worked on these socks) since our road trip to the coast in July. They've been with me on every trip since then, and I am determined not to take them with me in 2 1/2 weeks when I go back to North Carolina (more about which in a day or so). Or maybe I should say that I am determined to finish them before I leave again. We'll see...

Sock of the Day #4 was completed several years ago. They were knit from Opal Royal yarn, which I think is no longer available. You can't tell in this picture, but these socks sparkle (literally), and I am a sucker for the shiny. Like all socks knit from Opal yarns, these have held up very well through many many machine washings and dryings. I usually forget to turn them inside out, so I have to de-pill them (and de-tissue them because I also frequently forget to check pockets for Kleenex), but otherwise they look as good as new. This yarn wasn't self-patterning, the blue and brown stripey sections (on a cream base) are random.

They're snug and warm, a good thing given that yesterday morning we woke up to -26.4F. This morning, it's 0, which is tropical by comparison, but still good wool sock weather.

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Nancy D. said...

I have to laugh when you talk about having a sock from July that is not finished yet. I once knit a sock in a month, then took a year to knit the second one. My daughter was thrilled with them despite, or perhaps, because of the wait.