Friday, January 8, 2010

Brrrrrr..... Finally!!!!.... The Sock Club Week 5... Valerie's Hats!!!

I live in South Dakota. I've lived in South Dakota since November of 1970, which means that I am well aware that it gets cold here. But for crying out loud...-25F with wind chills of -45? It's the second Friday of the month, which means that my knitting group meets today. In Aberdeen. Which is 43 miles away. Am I crazy enough to drive that far, on roads that were closed just two days ago, in this cold? I don't know.

Meanwhile, as Mother Nature continues her all-too-frequent tantrums, I've done nothing but hunker down and knit (okay, and play games on Facebook. Currently Plock! has me mesmerized). I am making progress on the current FI book project. But I can only knit for so many hours on something complex before my brain scrambles (in case you're curious: 5). Once I start making mistakes, I know it's time to take a breather and pick up a soothing and simple project.

Not that these very well traveled mini-cable Koigu socks (15,500 car and air miles) were either soothing or simple, but I made... forced... myself to finish them before moving on to the sort of knitting that actually does refresh mind and body. I was absolutely determined not to take these unfinished socks with me to North Carolina a second time. And whaddyaknow? I got 'em done. Finally.

Mouse's report from the Sock Club Week 5: "Wednesday. The knitters were back. Well at least the ones that worked today.

It was Amy the girl who never gives up and Karen a new one.

Amy seems to be doing better as you can tell she has gotten almost an inch done and it has only been what 5 weeks. Karen just started and by the end of lunch she was where Amy was. She says it is because she has bigger needles and Amy believed that so I am going with that story. The only good thing is Amy has really tiny feet so maybe she will get her socks done

And it was Amy's birthday!!!"

Me again: Wahoo for Amy! Hang in there. And Welcome Karen!

And Valerie, a Ravelry Friend, made these Checks and Charms hats (the pattern seems to be no longer available) for her nieces. Aren't they beautiful? (the hats and the girls):

and a We Call Him Spidey Hat for her grandson, who has already put in an order for mittens!

Thanks for sharing, Valerie!


joannamauselina said...

Those socks are beautiful! Why the lack of enthusiasm?

Kathleen Taylor said...

joanna- I have no idea what the problem was. The yarn is beautiful, the socks are great, the pattern wasn't all that fiddly. But I found knitting them to be tedious in the extreme. I'm glad to be done with them, and thrilled that the socks are so lovely (they're slated for Christmas '10)