Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sock Club Week 5

Report from Mouse in Portland on the workmate Sock Club that meets at lunchtime: The group is getting popular. It seems like everyone wants to become a knitter. As you can see a couple of the boys wanted to join the group but then it seemed like they just wanted to give directions.

I can finally see a bit of progress even in Amy's sock.

A new girl came this week- Shannon who has been working on her blanket for a few years. It is very heavy and warm and you just wanted to grab it and take a nap under it.

All in all a productive knitting lunch, and for this group that is amazing!!!

Me again: I am so proud of the Sock Club- all are new sock knitters, and their socks are coming along beautifully. And Mouse is right about Shannon's blanket- it looks extremely comfy. I hope to see needles in the guys' hands next week! And I hope to meet everyone in person next summer!

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Mary Keenan said...

This is a great thing about knitting a blanket - getting to sit under it as you work along ;^)