Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Linkies, and Sock of the Day #10 (I think)

I have about two weeks of work to cram into 4 1/2 days before I leave for Yuma, so this will be a quickie for your amusement...

What happens when you cross a goat with a gun? (seriously)

and How would various Lost characters make a PB&J?

And Sock of the Day #10 (I think).
These were the third pair of self-striping socks I ever knit. The yarn was Opal, but I don't remember the name or colorway. They used to be whiter, but we have an artesian well that is very mineral heavy, so all of our white things come out rusty looking eventually.

I knit these before I learned to make short-row heels, and before I got my generic sock pattern down pat- cuff is a little loose and the foot is a little short for me, but I stretch them out each time I wear them (rather than tearing the toe out and knitting another half inch because I am supremely lazy that way).

They have been well loved and worn, and frequently repaired. I've had to reinforce the toes a couple of times, and fixed gaping holes in the heels. Eventually, I'll probably reknit the entire foot. But until then, I'll keep on wearing them. These socks, like all socks from Opal yarn, machine wash and dry perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

Those socks are perfect with jeans!

Sounds like you saw some of the good, the bad, and the ugly in NC. Come back in April and see the azaleas.