Monday, January 11, 2010

Heat Wave, Sock of the Day #6, New Road Sock

No kidding, it got above zero yesterday. Not only that, it was almost up to freezing, which makes the air temp nearly 60 degrees warmer than it was on Friday! We went for another walk on the creek, which popped and cracked rather alarmingly (ice always does that, but it's still disconcerting).

We found the main coyote den.


See? It was warm in the sun.

Sock of the Day #6

This is Pulled Taffy from Decadent Fibers. It's 55% Mohair, 45% Merino, and hand dyed beautifully (as are all yarns from the Decadent gals). It's listed as sportweight, but I knit it like a heavy fingering weight with my usual sock pattern. I think the colorway was Salsa, and the tones have faded just a bit in the last couple of years, but the yarn is holding up like iron.

The socks are toasty and and extremely comfy.

And since I finally finished the Koigu Mini Cables, I was able to cast on a new Road Sock.

This yarn is Kiddie Scoop Soft Serve, from CraftsMeow.  I picked up 4 coordinating mini skeins  (all greens) at the Sock Summit. I was intending to knit a pair of this style Mitered Square socks, adapting this pattern (knitting a plain foot in the round). But I realized that I needed some truly mindless knitting to offset the book work.

So plain bands it is, and they'll be very cute, I think. This yarn is soft and lovely, and I'm enjoying working with it on the few moments I can steal away from deadline stuff. I'm taking a short road trip today, so I'll probably get to the heel of this one by the time we get back home.

And speaking of Sock Summit- I am hearing through the grapevine that there will be another in Portland in '11. I am so there.

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