Thursday, January 21, 2010

Checking In

Right now, it looks like I will get out of here tomorrow morning- the next round of storms isn't supposed to hit until afternoon, and I should be long gone by then. It has been foggy, with light snow, every day, but the flights are going in and out of my airport on time anyway. Now, the return trip may be interesting- with "weather" expected on every leg of the journey (especially here), but it's more important that I get to North Carolina tomorrow, than home on time, Sunday night. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime, I ramped up my workouts in anticipation of some very good food this weekend, which means I've been listening to even more Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Or at least I tried to listen to it. Like many novelists with a big hit, Daniel Defoe's attempt at a sequel fell pretty flat. I hung with it, even through tedious chapters covering the religious conversion of a couple of the characters in detail. Minute detail. And I had every intention of continuing with the book, until the seamen on Crusoe's ship wreaked havoc on a native village that had the temerity to exact retribution for the abduction and rape of a young woman (committed by one of the seamen).

After that (or rather in the middle of it), I gave up, and went to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and discovered almost immediately that I was way too cranky to deal with naughty boys. These days, I'm with Aunt Polly, except that I no longer find Tom charming.

By then, I was done exercizing, and I won't get back to it until Monday at the earliest. In anticipation, and as a nerve soother, I'm downloading Northanger Abbey from Librovox  right now. It'll be waiting, in all its gothic glory when I get back. I'm sure Jane Austen will smooth it all over for me.

Speaking of Austen, a new version of Emma will begin airing on January 24. I'll have to set the DVR.

I'll be blogging from NC- see you there!


Mary Keenan said...

I think I will need a copy of that new Emma!!

martha said...

I am a big fan of Dean Koonz, Get the cds from the library.
Also Thirteen Moons, very well read.
hmmmm what else,
Peony in Love by Lisa See.
these are all books I loved listening to while doing other things.
Have a good trip.