Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sock Club- I Forget Which Week

From Mouse: Here is another week of knitters.
Karen finished her first pair of non-sock or fingerless gloves. She is making them for her daughter as she bikes all the time.

Kathie, a knitter but not a "club member" ,was trying to help her add a spot where your thumb goes thru. Karen is a pretty fast knitter or maybe I am just thinking of Amy.

Amy is doing well. We can all see progress and only make fun of her when she is not listening:)

 Dino is there just for comic relief. Or maybe he has not firgured out he is on this blog site when he sits there at lunch. Oh Well if you are there during the knitting group, your picture will be taken.

Me again: I love watching the knitters' progress. And maybe Dino will pick up needles next week!

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Always Me said...

I could use a pair of those myself, not for biking per se. My hands always get so cold when I spend time reading or on the computer for extended periods of time. A great idea.