Friday, January 22, 2010

North Carolina Part Deux

Well, today was a bit longer than expected. After worrying mightily and obsessively about the weather on the South Dakota end, my flights from SD and MN were just fine (though I spent so much time anxious about oversleeping, that I barely slept at all, and was awake well before the 4:00am alarm).

I got to Atlanta with no problems, flying over a smooth bank of clouds the entire way (it looked a lot like windswept snow: smoothly rippled). Once in Atlanta, I rushed to my proper gate (with only 10 minutes to spare before boarding) only to learn that the flight from there to Greensboro was overbooked.

Overbooked by 4 people. So instead of departing at 1:30pm, I was booked instead for an 8:23pm departure. Sigh.

I did my level best to get on a 4:11 flight, but a good many people (15 to be exact) also had the same idea, 7 of them ahead of me. And of those speedy 7, 6 made it on the flight. Sigh again.

On the upside, I got a flight voucher large enough to fund a trip to just about anywhere on the West Coast that I care to travel (and we all know that I love traveling to the West Coast). And I had plenty of time to explore ATL, which is a nice airport.

I bought Sarah Vowell's book The Wordy Shipmates. Who knew that Puritan history was so funny?

And I made it to Greensboro, later than expected, and tired, but otherwise just fine.

And tomorrow, I have a day of classes, which will be great fun. Expect many pics.

It's an adventure, fer shure.

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