Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update and Sock of the Day #7

Google failed me. My friend Butch Hudson pointed me in the proper direction for a papberback copy of The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, which was right there on Amazon, which is where I should have looked in the first place. Thanks Butch!

I am happy to say that the disposition of the shipwrecked Spanish sailors has taken up several chapters so far, and this story is just as engaging as the first volume.

Sock of the Day #7 was knit from Noro Silk Garden.

I'm pretty sure that they were my first experience with Noro, and I learned immediately that the lovely color repeats are absolutely not uniform. I cut bits and pieces from three balls to make these socks even marginally matching (and marginal is the best I could manage). That said, they're holding up very well

with only the minor sorts of repairs that you'd expect in socks regularly worn for 5 years. I hadn't quite gotten my heavy-sock pattern down pat when I knitted these: they're a shade too loose. But they're warm and comfy and pretty. A side note: I've machine washed and dried these for years with no shrinkage, no fading, and no pilling. I have no idea if all Silk Garden yarn behaves like this (Kureyon felts easily). I'm not recommending that you all go out and toss your Noro things in the washer- but it has worked for me. So far. (and we'll see in later SOD entries, that early superwashability isn't always a guarantee of permanent superwashability).

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