Monday, February 13, 2012

Before I head to the Dentist

While I'm extremely grateful that my broken tooth doesn't hurt, I'm not exactly excited about this morning's  reconstruction. Though I can type while I'm numb, I figured I'd better post now.

Ann from my class at Loop & Leaf, finished her Fair Isle hat. I love love love how it turned out. And I love that she's considering knitting another (or the Dragon shawl from Fearless Fair Isle!).

I finished knitting the body of The Doll Sweater Not From Hell- it's going to be pretty striking, I think.
I don't believe that I showed you these- my Christmas present, chosen by Voracious Reader.
She has excellent taste.
More presents- salt and coffee. Yummm. I'll have a cup (of coffee, not salt) when I get back from the dentist- sipped, no doubt, through a straw.
Ladybug Girl came over yesterday, and we spent the afternoon making cookies, and assembling more monsters. I'd be hard pressed to think of another book that has provided so many hours of fun.
Here's a leftover vacation picture- something I'd never seen before: a blooming Hen and Chick. Look at the size of those flowers!

Speaking of pictures- this vacation signaled a seismic shift in my photography: nearly every picture was taken with my phone. I only got the Nikon out once. Otherwise, these are all iPhone shots. I'm impressed with the color and clarity (and where there is neither, blame me, not the phone).

Okay, I've dawdled long enough- time to hit the shower and face the music (read: needle).

Okay again- one more quick story: I accidentally called The Grandboy *sweetie* in front of his friends. When I apologized later, he said, and I quote: I'm never 'barrassed of you, Grandma.
Right back atcha, Kid. May it ever be so.


Michele said...

I think you must be the best grandma out there. I love hearing about the time you spend with your grandkids. Thanks for sharing.

Signed, From-Not-A-Grandma-Yet-But-Waiting-Patiently

mly said...

No sucking if you got stitches at the dentist!