Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Links to the Freebies

Though I labeled the posts when I wrote them, I obviously didn't label them well enough, because I regularly get requests for directions to one or another of the Freebie Patterns that are posted here on the blog. So, this morning, I went through the entire archives, re-labeling and getting the links to all of them (or all of them that I saw, I'm sort of bleary-eyed now, so I may have missed one or two). Now every one of the Freebie and Freebie Friday Patterns, and the Tutorials has every variation of *free*, *freebie*, and *free pattern* that I could think of in their tags. That should make searching for them easier. Also, almost all of these patterns are listed in Ravelry, with a direct link, so looking for them from there will likely be easier.

These are the Guidelines on using the Free Patterns that I posted back in '07- the Guidelines still stand:

Saturday, September 8, 2007

About using the free patterns

Here are my thoughts on using the free patterns that I post here (on Fridays, when I can). This applies to these patterns only, not the projects in my books and patterns published by third parties, because the individual publishers have policies on these issues, which override my opinions.

You may
  • Knit 1- 1,000 of each pattern posted
  • Sell the finished items
  • Post pics of the finished items on your blogs, in newsgroups or wherever
  • Tell anyone and everyone where you got the pattern, and direct them here to get their own copy
Please do not
  • Repost the instructions or charts (linking to here is a better option)
  • Print copies of the patterns to hand out (again, link here and let others download their own copies)
  • Teach the patterns as a class without asking first
I would love it if you would:
  • Give attribution where appropriate
  • Let me know if you find mistakes
  • Send me pics or links of the items you knit from the patterns so I can post them here

And, here is the list- it's a long one:

Fingering weight fingerless Gloves

Worsted weight Stranded Fingerless Gloves

We Call Him Spidey Mittens

Abree’s Knot Tam

Picot Hem Snowflake Hat revision

Double Elephant Hats

Short Row Heel Workshop

Child Size Hoodie

Pumpkin Tam

Pumpkin Mitts

Button Band Hat

Felted Beaded Mary Jane Slippers

Paper Doll Mittens

Easy Lace Fingerless Mittens

Niblet Socks


Fair Isle Tam

November 28 Scarf- Revision

Fingering Weight Gloves

2-Needle Mitered Square Socks

Basic Mitered Square Instructions

Beaded Floozy Hat

Simple Stripes Sock Pattern

Winter White Tam

Stranded Snowman Mitten #2

Stranded Snowman Mitten #1

American Girl Raglan Pattern

4 Simple Hats for 18” Dolls

Wordless Needlefelted Santa Ornament

Wordless Needlefelted Ladybug Ornament

Mitered Square Hat

Horseshoe Lace Shawl

V-Neck Cardigan for 18” Dolls

Adding a V-Neck To a Sweater by Steeking

Tandem Sleeve Tutorial

Cassy’s Wedding Shawl Part 1

Cassy’s Wedding Shawl Part 2

Wire Earring Tutorial

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