Saturday, February 25, 2012


Click away, my little darlings.

You will never hear this song the same again.

Amazing color pictures of Americans from 1940-1944, taken by the Farm Security Agency and stored at the Library of Congress.

What people think, Wookie division.

The Bloggess recommended these guys and The Bloggess is never wrong.

Have a favorite Simpson's Line? (I hope I didn't dain my bramage)... Lots of us do.

Squee!!!! Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!

My latest treadmill video obsession.

My latest Kindle game obsession

My new booze crush.

If this doesn't make you laugh... well, then... I just don't know...

And finally, our new toy. Expect many updates.


maxine said...

I am seeing dehydrated fruits, rehydrated in American Honey...going to find some this week for company next weekend...

maxine said...

So I got some American Honey and I have to do you drink it? I like it well enough but certainly can't drink it straight...curious minds want to know!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I like the American Honey neat and room temp (in a small snifter)but I come from a Black Russian/Southern Comfort line- I like lots of booze in my booze.

I think it would make a good mixer, or in a cocktail with something fruity (shaken or stirred).