Thursday, February 23, 2012

AI Season 11- Vegas Eliminations Part 2, 02-23-12

Aha- no one found out whether or not Adam Brock made it through last night. The show pulled a nasty on all of us, so my DVR actually saved me from screaming at the TV (rather than just screaming at the electronic equipment). At any rate, we take up exactly where we left off last night, with Adam weeping copiously. JLo's spangly dress reflects on her chin like a green flashlight during Ghost Story Time around the campfire. Randy tortures Adam, and Steven drinks man tears for breakfast. After all that, it's obvious that Adam Brock is going through. If anything, he cries even harder at the news.

I don't remember Jeremy Resado, and I don't remember his Sarah Maclachlan solo, or his leather vest, or his lovely tenor. but he's in.

Adam, you can stop crying now. M'kay?

Shannan Magrane fluffed it during the group sings, oversang Wonderful World for her solo, and did much better on her final solo. Once again, she's wearing formal shorts, with a black jacket and a fuchsia blouse. We're reminded that Steven can't keep from making inappropriate comments about underage girls even when their very large, pro-ball playing fathers are standing by. Oh yeah, Shannan is in too.

Scott Dangerfield (who?) is up next. I have not heard him sing, and I really don't want to see him now. Or listen to him mangle Folsom Prison Blues. Odds say that he's going home, given that the previous 3 kids made it. And yep.

More people I've never seen before, including a large girl with orange hair, get the boot.

The Other Skylar, Skylar Laine, is one of the collapsees from Hollywood. Omigod, she's growling Fancy. When she sings, she reminds me a bit of Reba. When she talks, my ears bleed. She wears a rather pretty white petal dress that even Steven likes. She's in.

In short succession, and with no singing clips at all, blonde Hallie Day, generic Chase Likens, and unknown Aaron Marcellus are in.

What the hell is going on? It's an hour show tonight and 27 minutes into it, there are only 3 slots left (1 Girl and 2 Guys) in the Top 24. But never fear, Ryan promises a Shocking Twist. Shocking I tell you. A Twist. A Shocking one.

This year's Jason Castro look-alike, Deandre Brackensack is up now. Evidently, he tried out last year, though I don't remember him. He's singing in a really lovely falsetto for his solo. JLo gets Goosies. Deandre and his pretty eyes, and his massive amount of curls, are in.

Sheer odds say that Barry White-ian Jermaine Jones is on his way home, despite the fact that he sings a lovely solo in an argyle sweater vest with no shirt underneath. Jermaine can count, and he begins crying even before he goes in front of the judges. Oh the red eyes and snotty nose. He deserves a place just for surviving a duet with Cowboy Richie. The Hub thinks that the Shocking Twist is that Jermaine is in and that there'll be a Top 26. I'd be fine with that, but I don't think so. Unfortunately, I'm right.

Sad, sad, sad Jermaine is comforted by his nice mama. JLo cries, and even Steven sniffs a bit. What's that? A bit of moisture in my eyes? No, no, I do not cry because of this stupid show.

The last 3 girls vie for the final spot. Ariel Sprague is wearing a yellow leather jacket (I think I see some Native American in her). Shelby Tweeten is tall (or at least the tallest of these 3) and is wearing a cute pink dress. Holly Cavenaugh has a thin voice. It's big but not particularly pleasant. Holly is the only one we see singing, and she's the one who gets the nod.

The last two are 17 year old David Leathers (the leering kid with the Michael Jackson voice), and squeaky clean Eben Frankowitz, the 15 year old Bieber-alike. They're friends and they walk in together. I'd trade both of them for Jermaine. In their final solos, David is still channeling MJ, and Eben digs deep and finds his inner Joe Cocker. The round goes to Eben, who can't quite keep from celebrating in front of (or rather, directly behind) his friend. I'm happy enough about the selection, though I'm not sure that Eben's voice has changed yet.

Okay, Season 11's Top 24 has been named: Jen Hirsch, Hailey Johnson, Elise Testone, Erica Van Pelt, Chelsea Sorrell, Baylee Brown, Jessica Sanchez, Brielle Van Heugl, Shannan Magrane, Skylar Laine, Hallie Day, Hollie Cavenaugh, Creighton Fraker, Joshua Ledet, Reed Grimm, Heejun Han, Phil Phillips, Colton Dixon, Adam Brock, Jeremy Resado, Chase Likens, Aaron Marcellus, Deandre Brackensack, and Eben Frankowitz.

There are only 3 minutes left- where is our Shocking Twist? Is it that Steven Tyler strips down and dives in the water, and that his old man ass is too gross for words? Nah, nothing shocking there.

Oh, here it is. Ryan says that the judges want to add another guy to the mix  (so it'll be a Top 25, I guess). Next Tuesday (not Wednesday), either Jermaine Jones, Richie Law, David Leathers, or Johnny Keyser will be back. Please, let it not be Richie.


E. Engman said...

Thanks for your summaries. I couldn't face the agony of the elimination games, so just watched last night's semi-finalists on the computer. Too many "screamers"--again. I'll catch tonight's advancers tomorrow. Your comments are always appreciated. Keep it up, please.

Kathy said...

I decided not to watch again until next week, so I too am thankful for your take on last night. I tend to agree with your assessment of the auditioners 100% of the time and feel safe just taking your word for it. I have to say that after ten years of watching Idol that this has been the most boring elimination round that I have ever encountered. The Voice looks better and better in comparison.