Friday, February 3, 2012

Brew Day

Curt is brewing today- a Pale Ale. We do wine, which is a much simpler (though longer) process. I've never watched an entire brew, so it'll be interesting. I'll take pics as it goes, and post more tomorrow. Here's his fancy schmancy brewing setup:
Curt designed this wonderful beer festival poster, which will be up and displayed all around Santa Barbara.
While we were driving the kids to school this morning, a radio segment Curt taped yesterday just happened to play, which was pretty cool. He taped several, all about food and beer pairings (there's some sort of Sport Thing going on this weekend, I guess). This morning's bit was about donuts and beer, which isn't exactly my first thought when it comes to Big Game Munchie Pairings, but he's the expert, and if he says it's good, I suspect it's really good (he recommends an Oatmeal or Chocolate Stout with chocolate frosting).

I finished the hat from Fair Isle class- The Grandboy has claimed it already. And I finished the Pleated Doll Skirt from Hell. All I have to do is thread elastic in the waistband casing (after it dries), and I never have to think about it again. I certainly will not knit it again, even though the skirt is pretty darn cool. I've cast on the sweater, and it'll be a piece of cake in comparison.


joannamauselina said...

Love the hat with its subtle color gradations. The skirt is pretty cool too, but not as much my sort of thing, given that my dolls all wear a different style garb.

Willow said...

Kathleen, I couldn't find your email here so I thought I'd just comment and you'd find me. It was lovely to meet you today at Mariposa School! I look forward to another meeting the next time you visit SoCal. Willow

Kathleen Taylor said...

It was wonderful meeting with you and the guild spinners too! I hope to come to a meeting next time I visit Camarillo. My email is

Anonymous said...

The Fair Isle hat looks great, Kathy. I'm glad you were able to finish it while in CA.
Ann McG (one of your students from Loop & Leaf)