Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mostly Pics

This vacation has been comprised of almost total relaxation with almost no time at the computer. My Kindle Fire does many things well, but writing Blog Posts with it is not one of them, so I've been a bit lax in that department.

So mostly, I'm going to post pics and talk about them a bit. We have a few more days here, but time is winding down very quickly.
The Pleats from Hell look pretty good blocked. In fact, they look fantastic, which is why I decided to knit this pattern in the first place. The sweater is one that I made a couple of years ago, from handspun yarn. The necklace was one of Voracious Reader's Late Christmas Gifts.
Here's the start of the Doll Sweater Which Is Not From Hell, But Will Also Probably Not Be Finished By Thursday. It's going to be gorgeous, and I'll have to mail it back to VR when it's done.

Ever wonder what a Brewer's Beer Fridge looks like? Wonder no longer.
I have no idea what this tree is, but I thought it looked very Ferny and Prehistoric.
Or this tree either, but the bark is beautiful.
Same tree, looking up.

Yesterday, Voracious Reader and I crashed the Ventura County Handweavers & Spinners Guild demo at an elementary school Winter Faire. They were so friendly and welcoming, and we had a lovely time drop spinning with them (and exploring the rest of the Faire, which was pretty cool). We both made new spinning friends, and VR was invited to come to the next Guild Meeting. I hope that their schedule coincides with my next visit so I can go too. 
From the It Sounded Good in Theory Department: I learned that winding handspun yarn on a cardboard tube and then trying to ply it to itself by spindle, isn't as workable as it seems... Luckily VR wants to learn needle felting, so she can use this has a base.

We've eaten at some absolutely wonderful restaurants, but I'll save that (and the thousands and thousands of calories) for another post.

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Willow said...

Lovely to meet you too! Spinners, indeed, all fiber people, are the best and friendliest! Looking forward to meeting up with you next time you visit!