Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AI- Season 7 Finale

You know, I was almost at last year's Finale. My sister in Idaho bought me a Washington State American Idol stratch lottery ticket, which did not win anything, so I sent it in for the 2nd chance drawing. A few weeks later, I got a certified letter from the WA State Lottery Commission informing me that I was one of 110 finalists for their Grand Prize Drawing of a trip to the AI Finale, tickets to exclusive parties, and a wad of cash. I also got 40 more AI scratch tickets (no winners), an AI hat, an AI mug, and an AI messenger bag (which my granddaughter uses to store her Barbie clothes). Unfortunately, I didn't win, but for a few weeks, the possibility was tantilizing.

I entered the drawing again this year (this time sponsored by Idaho), but wasn't even a contender. Just think, I could have been there tonight, live blogging.

I really hated Mikalah Gordon during her season, but I find that I have a sort of grudging admiration for her now- not her taste in clothes or her mad singing skilz, but her ability to hang in there in the public eye (if being an AI remote host counts) with no discernable talent.

I did like Matt Rogers in his season, and he shares the same knack as Mikalah.

The So You Think You Can Dance kids show the Top 12 how to do it. Still. Again. Brooke looks like she's having more fun tonight than at any time during the competition.

Seal and Syesha sound good together.

I know that the show that brought us Kevin Covais and Sanjaya, not to mention William Hung, has no lowest rung when it comes to credibility, but does the Number 1 show in the country (slipping ratings notwithstanding) really need to shill horrible movies?

And there's Jason, looking fine, and sounding even better (though this song always makes me think of Shrek, speaking of Mike Meyers).

The Fordmercial reminds me that I do like these kids a lot, even the ones I didn't like while they were competing.

So, did Donna Summer need help down the stairs, or was she just being escorted?

Carly and Michael Johns should sound better than they do together. Maybe it's just that I don't much care for The Letter, and I prefer Carly's lower range.

Please, I beg you- no more talk of Simon's nipples.

I wonder how many of tonight's group numbers will end up on the tour. The Bryan Adams set was nice, and it's always good to see (and hear) Chikezie.

American Idol and Disney together at last. Why am I not surprised?

Paula is going to applaud the girls right out of her dress if she's not careful. And are there fewer ZZ's than usual?

Graham Nash and Brooke are a great pair- they sound lovely together.

What I said about Simon's nipples, goes double for glimpses of David Cook's thighs.

Ryan is mumbling his intros tonight, so I didn't catch who sang next- if my granddaughter had been here, she could have told me those were The Jonas Brothers.

Aaaaand, it's time for The Crazies- odd lisping high voiced boy (maybe), scary screaming girl, Let My Pipple Go Guy, and Reynaldo (who, like most crazies, has no sense of when to stop).

I don't know One Republic (and again didn't catch the name until Ryan repeated it after the song), but Wee David sounded good with them. Maybe he can sing contemporary music (on the other hand, I don't know this group- they could be the least contemporary bunch recording today).

Oh my. Wee David's paternal grandpa, when asked to give advice and encouragement to his grandson, brags about the advantage AI has given the rest of his family, and emphasizes how much he loves his son. Nary a word about David himself, which probably explains a lot.

Jordin, Jordin, Jordin- that dress is the wrong color, the wrong cut, the wrong fit, the wrong style, and just plain wrong.

My guess is that Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr made that video for the AI charity special.

Carrie Underwood's dress effeciently combines cuffs with a shawl. Are they Shuffs? or a Cawl?

Fantasia sang on the show last week. Ruben sang last night. Carrie and Jordin both sing tonight. I assume Kelly had better things to do. And Taylor no longer exists.

George Michael sounds pretty good, and hasn't been arrested lately.

So, after 4 months of twice a week (and sometimes 3 times) recapping, snarking, and goofing on this show that I love- it's David Cook for The Win. I actively disliked him for most of the season, but not so much now. I won't buy his album, but I'm okay with him getting the title. Wee David looks relieved, Big David looks overwhelmed. The Winning Song is surprisingly okay, and the show got their Daughtry. I wish them all well.(well, maybe not Daughtry).

And that's a wrap for Season 7. Don't worry, the auditions start again in 3 months. We'll barely have time to miss it.


Dee D said...

I think I look forward to your weekly write up more than I do the viewing of AI. Another season finished.

Kathleen Taylor said...

What always amazes me is that the show spends 4 months narrowing down to the winner, who then gets about 2 minutes on stage before the show ends for the season.

But I love every cheesy minute of the show, warts and all.