Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AI- Top 4 Performance

So which one of the Top 4 has never been #1 in the votes? I figure it's either Jason or Syesha, but Ryan doesn't explain his comment. He does, however, make sure that Paula understands the rules of the show.

David Cook (with better hair than previous weeks) opens with Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf, which always makes me think of Williams and Ree (who may not be known outside of South Dakota). It was okay, though he certainly did not make it his own.

Syesha looks wonderful, but I think she bit off more than she could chew in taking on Tina.

Jason shot the sheriff, and himself in the foot, though he always makes me smile.

David Archuleta thinks Stand By Me was sung by a guy named Benny King. After a couple of lackluster weeks, he's back with that Big Voice and a gorgeous song.

And David Cook is back, this time with a song from The Who (I'm not familiar with it, and I'm not sure of the title). Sit down, all y'all- I liked this performance. No buts or qualifications. I liked it.

Syesha stumbled again, by Whitneying Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come, while wearing a vaguely Eqyptian dress. This was Taylor Hicks' audition song- I fell in love with his voice on the first notes. Syesha's overly embroidered version was every bit as pandering as Kristy Lee Cook's Lee Greenwood, and Wee David's Neil Diamond. I don't think Simon actually liked this version, he just disagreed with Randy as extra insurance against Jason, which turned out to be overkill, because Jason did a pretty good job of sinking himself with The Bobs. My notes on Jason's last song read, in their entirety: Oh well.

David Archuleta did better with Elvis than I expected, but I really don't need to hear Elvis at any time whatsoever.

Best of the night? David A's Stand By Me and David Cook's The Who Song, whatever it was. Worst? Gotta go with Jason on both songs, though Syesha blew it too, she just sounded better. Is Jason going home tomorrow night? Probably, though Jasmine Trias made it to #3, and Top 4 Elimination is traditionally the Shocker Night, so we'll see.


#4 said...

Hi Kath,
I agree...I think it is bye-bye Jason tonight. I have to admit that I liked Syesha and the Davids....I think Syesha is the one that has not had the top votes. Hasn't she been in the botton 3 every week? Wonder what the theme will be next week.I have to admit I have not voted yet this season.....But I do enjoy watching and reading your take on things.

supknitter said...

I think if Jason doesn't go home I am going to lose my faith in the voting public. He was an embarrassment. I think David C. picks songs we don't know so we can't tell if he butchers them. Syesha might be just ok and shouldn't make it past next week. David A. needs to pick up his game a bit if he really wants it. He may be too meek. David C. just plays too meek. It kind of seems like this season was too long. But I still look forward to it each week.

Kathleen Taylor said...

#4- I haven't voted yet this season either, which is odd. I like a lot of the kids, but wasn't moved to pick up the phone.

supknitter- I don't have any faith in the voting public anyway... heh... Top 4 night is often a Shocker, so I'm not taking bets except that if David Cook survives tonight, then he's a lock for Top 2 with David A. But we'll see how it goes tonight.