Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AI- Top 4 Elimination

I've been watching a fantasy replay of Season 5 in my head, one where the contestants were allowed to play instruments. Taylor would still have won, but he would have done it with a great deal less of that twitchiness that bugged so many people, and more of the audience taking his musical ability seriously. On the other hand, I've replayed this year, without instruments, and have come to the conclusion that neither Brooke, nor Jason would have made it past the semis. So I suppose it's best that both seasons played out the way they did.

Every week, I am more and more certain that David A is just too young for this. He may be 17, but he comes across as 12. Granted, an amazingly gifted 12 year old, but a long way from being able to handle what's coming in the next year (whether he wins or not). He can't get through a simple Q & A with Ryan without giggling.

Next, Ryan discusses David C's Hungry Like the Wuff, and then declares him safe too. It should be noted that at no time did anyone say that the D's were The Top Two Vote Getters.

Oh my, Matador pants. Shiny Satin Matador Pants.

Well, whaddyaknow, they showed Taylor's postage stamp, and Ryan actually said his name out loud. I fully expected them to accidentally put Daughtry's pic up there instead.

One nice thing about this season winding down is that the stupid viewer questions will stop. I hope forever.

I'm too old to know the helium-voiced Maroon 5 lead singer, but am glad to see Bo Bice and his squeaky clean hair. I liked his song, though I only understood one word in the whole thing.

And it's goodbye Jason. No one, least of all Jason, was surprised, and I am pretty sure he was relieved. He got in a good line about shooting the tambourine man. I hope he finds an indie label and puts out a nice album of accoustic coffee house music. I'll buy it in a flash.

And Syesha might want to get packed up-going home next week is a sure thing.


john hein said...

Well, I have to disagree that Syesha is a sure bet to go home. If Mr. Cook pulls another lame "Hungry Like a Wuff" out of his back pocket, he may be the one going home. I am not sure if he is feeling the pressure or what, but he seems to have lost is focus on what exactly makes him as good as he could be.

Kathleen Taylor said...

You have a point. I am pretty sure that The Show wants a Davidx2 finale, but The Show doesn't always get what it wants (see: Hicks, Taylor).

The best thing would be for David Archuleta go to home next week, get a few years of experience and maturity under his belt, and then try to make it in public. Winning this thing will do him no favors in the long run, I fear.