Monday, May 26, 2008

Ravelry Roving

I know you'll be dissapointed, but I couldn't think of a single pun (lame or otherwise) for today's post, so I went with literal: this roving is from Twisted Fiber Arts, and it's called Ravelry (after the fantastic Ravelry universe, which, if you don't know about, go check it out from the links to the right of the page). Twisted Fiber Arts dyes the most beautiful self-patterning yarns I've ever seen, and they also dye matching rovings for their colorways.
This one is called, as I mentioned, Ravelry. The fiber content is 60% Superwash Merino, 40% Bamboo, and this blend is called Cloudy. The bamboo content doesn't take dye the same as the wool, so the colors will be heathered, which is gorgeous. The Bamboo also adds a lovely sheen to the yarn. The colors are green with black bordered pink sections, and the roving was dyed to be self-patterning, just like the yarn. This stuff spins up beautifully and fine, and I plan to Navajo 3-ply it to retain the color separation and patterning. It probably won't be fingering weight since my singles aren't quite fine enough to triple them and still have yarn that thin, but it should be sportweight, which is nice for socks as well.

I divided the roving into 2 long roughly matching sections, each will be a single skein of yarn which should match fairly well as far as the striping goes (it won't be exact because, well, it's handspun). There are a couple of hunks of roving left that I will spin as a single, smaller skein that will also be self-patterning, but won't match the first 2 as well. I'll use that for toes if needed. I have 4 ozs of this roving, which should be plenty for socks.

I have 1 other Twisted roving on hand (Tulip colorway, in a Merino/Silk blend), and 2 more coming, and I'll order more when it's available. Check the post a few days ago for the Twisted Fiber Arts link if you want to see more.

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