Sunday, May 11, 2008


I tried inside and outside, and I can't seem to get a good pic of this yarn- it's highly sparkly and those sparkles translate as blurs in most of the pics. But the yarn turned out beautifully. This is my first skein of Riot, from Butterflygirl Designs. It's Bamboo, recycled sari silk, and a bit of firestar. I spun the singles on 2 different spindles- a heavier purpleheart spindle that I made a few years ago, and the little millefiori glass spindle from Butterflygirl Designs. The singles were heavier than I hoped they'd be, so I plied them with a very fine silver metallic sewing thread, rather than plying with more bamboo singles. I used a larger, heavier locally made Chokecherry wood spindle for plying (and it took about 2 hours because the thread would get caught up in the single, until I finally had my husband hold the tub with the bamboo single on his lap to keep them separate).

Anyway, it's 1.5 ozs and 154 yds., and wonderfully smooth and soft and shiny/sparkly, and is truly a riot of color. I have another 2ozs of this fiber to spin, so I should end up with about 400 yds when I'm done, plenty for any scarf pattern I want to try. It's a textured yarn (in addition to some thick and thin with the bamboo, there are bits of sari silk threads sticking out here and there), so I can't use a detailed lace pattern, but a simple combo of YO's and SSKs should work well.

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Anonymous said...

It looks soooooo pretty! Color me
green, with envy! Nice work indeed, and best of luck with the book.