Monday, May 12, 2008

Sock Book Update

44 patterns designed, knitted, and written up. 31 left to go. 9 weeks until the deadline.

Am I going to make it? Will I survive?

I'm not taking bets either way, but if I am a little quieter than usual, you'll know why.


duraknit said...

What I really want to know is this: do you sleep? Or are you really triplets?

Elizabeth D.

kaykatrn said...

75 sock in one book? And your designs are all so pretty and unboring! I have to wait how long?

kaykatrn said...

oops--I got so excited that I forget to write plural socks!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Elizabeth, I don't get anything much else done- sock knitting for the day (or pattern writing), and then a little spinning. I am growing industrial sized dust bunnies.

kaykatrn- I'm trying to keep the designs as unboring as I can! The book should be available from Taunton in Sept '09.