Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yarn Output

So, I've been spinning a bit in the evenings, when I'm done with the book knitting for the day. The yardage is piling up. As always, my default yarn is a 2 ply, just under sport weight (knits up on size 2 or 3 needles pretty easily, though I may jump to size 4 for Stranded work on the sweater I want to knit), though it always looks to be worsted weight in the pics. I spin dense, sturdy yarns, I guess.

I have just 1 bobbin left to spin from Ebony's roving (he is a BFL/BL/Romney/Coopworth cross)- I had a whole calculation of yardage and ounces, but I must be missing a skein in the total. I only have about 5 ozs left, out of 19, so I have more than 7 ozs and 500 yds spun up. It's all a brown/gray, though the last skein will be slightly lighter gray. This wool was a pleasure to spin- prepared perfectly and it flew through my fingers.

I've also been playing with the rovings I got from Jehovah Jirreh farm. I bought 8 ozs of Autumn Splendor (30% Alpaca, 30% Corriedale, 40% Tunis) dyed in shades of orange, green, and brown, and 8 ozs Cinnamon Stick (40% alpaca, 20% corriedale, and 40% tunis). I split the Autumn Splendor rovings in approximate color strips and spun them in a general orange/green/brown order for a tweedy self patterning single, which I plied with a Cinnamon Stick single. I now have 2 skeins, about 6 ozs and 393 yds of yarn. Plenty enough for a pair of socks, which I hope will knit up as a sort of self-patterning without a definite repeat (in other words, the socks will be alike, but they won't match- sort of like Trekking yarn).

I have plenty of the Cinnamon Stick and Autumn Splendor rovings left- I think I may do some of the Autumn Splendor in the same color separation single, plied with white for a much lighter tweed.


Cara said...

Ooh, nice spinning! I love the one with browns and oranges--I wouldn't have predicted that yarn from that fiber. Very pretty!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Could you show us your spinning wheel? What kind do you have? You seem to spin quickly! I have an Ashford Traveler which seems to be the Yugo on the superhighway of spinning wheels. But I get there eventually!

danielle said...


Kathleen Taylor said...

thanks for the compliments! I like how the yarn turned out too.

Kate- I have an Ashford Joy. I'll post a pic tomorrow.