Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AI- Top 2 Performance

It's obvious from the opening shot that we're going to run the fight analogy right into the ground. I don't need to see either David in a satin bathrobe (though I suppose it's better than Matador pants). I was wondering when they'd haul Clive Davis out of mothballs- he usually materializes much earlier in the season. And there's Andrew Lloyd Webber again- maybe he'll make another pass at David Cook.

Speaking of DC, his first song, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, is the perfect choice for him. I love the Jason Castro Treatment at the beginning.

I don't know whether Clive Davis or ALW inflicted Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me on DA, or if it was a joint decision. He does okay with it, but it's not going to prove to anyone that this 17 year old can speak to other 17 year olds musically (or to the 11 year olds, which is a more important demographic). His voice sounds wonderful, though I am distracted, as I always am in this song, by the line that my ears insist is "no more Augie Doggies". Oh my, tears already.

Next up, the boys are forced to sing musical slop from the songwriting contest. Cook selects probably the only song that even marginally suits his voice and style. He does okay with it- the middle was fine, but it's not exciting enough to get the judges worked up. Archuleta picks an extremely predictible ditty- he also sounds fine, but the song is beyond boring. For some reason, Simon fell for the whole *happy rainbows and puppydogs believing in us all* vibe. Not boring at all is DA's suit jacket with the appliqued anchors front and back.

Argh... Constantine... my eyes...

Cook stands knee deep in his truth (tm Paula) and knee deep in something else with his nonentity of a final song. I think he may have sunk himself with that one. On the other hand, Archuleta goes for the easy dunk with a song he sang already in the competition. Imagine V2.0 is far too embroidered for my taste, but for some reason, Simon likes it.

In fact, Simon comes right out and says that Wee David should win, and Ryan evidently agrees.

I liked Clay better, but I always enjoyed Ruben's voice. Can I vote for him instead?

Who's going to win? Not a clue, and I'm not voting this season, so it's not my fault either way. Who will weather the coming year better, whether he wins or not? David Cook.

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