Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cormo Down to My Boat Baby...

(... sorry- not only was that a bad pun, but it was a bad pun that only people my age will get)

The darkest wool from the 1lb Cormo fleece that I washed and carded came out to a 2 oz skein with 130 yds. It's heavier than the first 2 skeins (which were both close to 100yds per oz), but they'll still work okay together. It could be that the the white and oatmeal fleece portions were just a bit more fine than the darker. Or it could just be my spinning.

However, it happened, this yarn is only a tad thicker than the others, but it's still beautiful. I'm working on the first bobbin of the medium tan now. There will be probably 4.5 ozs of that yarn, so it'll be the base color of whatever I knit with this yarn.

I'm working on the spindle spun bamboo fiber in spare moments as well. I have the first of the 2 batts completely spun now. I'm still using the gorgeous little millefiori spindle but my singles really are too heavy for it (it's the spinner, not the spindle). I'm doing much better with this fiber on my homemade pine spindle. After I ply this batch, I'll save the millefiori spindle for silk (I have some undyed silk caps that would be perfect for it).

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