Monday, May 12, 2008

More Cormo

I got the oatmeal Cormo batt spun and plied last night. It's little- .5 ozs, 45 yds, 2-ply, but it's such soft and pretty yarn. I'm working on the dark tan now- there will be just one skein of that as well, but it'll be easily the size of the first two combined. The majority of the Cormo fleece was the medium tan, which I will spin next.

The range of natural colors from a single fleece always amazes me. Here are the cream and oatmeal skeins.

I think this yarn wants to be a hat, but we'll see what it says when I finish spinning it all up. At close to 100 yds per 0z, I'm going to have about 700 yds total, so it can probably be several hat and mitten sets.


Teish said...

I can't believe that those came from the same sheep! Wow! Your spinning is beautiful, and if I ever do find the time to learn, (three kids three and under keeps my hands full) then I hope that I can spin that finely!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks so much!

I love love love the colors in this fleece. True tan and brown are rare, and I love watching this yarn emerge. There are 4 distinct shades in this wool, so I hope to do something stranded with the yarn in those natural colors.