Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AI Top 3 Performance

Back in January, I would never have guessed that Syesha would be the last woman standing, but there she is, in spangles and heels, next to The Foregone Conclusions.

Mayor Handlebar tells David A that Paula has chosen And So It Goes, which turns out to be a fantastic song for him. From the woman who selected Mack the Knife to prove that Clay Aiken wasn't a lounge lizard, that was a pretty good choice. Way to go, Pauler.

Randy goes totally predictible with Alicia Keys for Syesha, who sounds very good, but it's a blah song. Then again, outside of the smile, Syesha herself is pretty blah.

Simon is playing mind-games with everyone in picking Roberta Flack for David Cook. He works it out though, and hits an amazing high note at the end.

Without the help of his newly banned father, Wee David tries hard to connect with his inner teenager on his personal pick, but his outer 8 year old gets in the way.

Syesha blows her opportunity by choosing a song that proves, once and forever, that she's a Cruise Ship Singer at heart.

As usual, I'm too old to recognize David Cook's song, but he sounds fine, and as he sings, I realize that he is going to win this whole thing. And I realize that I don't hate that idea. I don't love him, but I like him a lot more than Daughtry.

The producers prove that they have absolutely no sense of what songs are right for their own contestants. Wee David is saddled with Longer, a very pretty song, but one much more suited to a 50 year old, which is sure to annoy Simon (it does). Syesha's song does nothing for me (or for her). David Cook blows them both out of the water with Aerosmith, a strange choice (Rocker does not equal Rocker, Producers. sheesh).

The voting may end up being close, but I will be very surprised indeed if Syesha makes it to next week.

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supknitter said...

David A has a great voice but as you say, too young for it. Syesha is ok but not exciting. And I guess I thought David C. sounded great with First Time but I thought the other two songs were both flat. I might not sing well but I think I can hear ok. I think that's also why he chose obscure songs, so we wouldn't know. I think the producers want David C and he may have some success, but if I were to vote it would be DA. Another quick note, Most people I know have quit watching, too boring!