Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AI- Top 3 Elimination

We open with The Top 3 huddled together on stage- either Syesha is fiddling with her mike pack, or she's dislodging a wedgie. At the judging table, Paula's girls are front and center. Ryan tells us that "the results begin now", but we know better. It'll be a good 50 minutes before we know for sure what we already know.

In the meantime, the kids consult Zoltar, and... OMG! What the hell did Fantasia do to her hair??? She looks like a raspberry flavored Kewpie doll. I don't know which is more amusing, her way over the top performance, Simon's pure horror at watching same, that jumpsuit, or the Balcony Backup Rapper from Fat Albert.

David A's trip home is emotional and overwhelming, much like everything else in his life right now. Syesha's tears (combined with Wee David's, and the Cook tears that I know will follow soon) actually melt my cold, dark heart just a bit. And then we see Syesha's journey and I am reminded of everything that I find annoying about her (and unsettling- her father's sobriety seems awfully fragile). I'm sorry that we don't find out whether or not David Cook throws like a girl.

I am beginning to think that Wee David won't survive another week of this. He looks like he's going to upchuck all over Ryan, both before and after finding out that he's in The Finale. Syesha accepts her inevitable ouster with grace, and has a good singout.

So, this time next week it'll all be over- David will be the new American Idol. Will it be Giggly or Balding? I'm going with Balding (and surely, he'll handle the furor much better), but I'm not betting the farm on it.


supknitter said...

Wee David upchucking would be quite a finale! I agree the longer this goes the weaker he gets, physically that is. I wonder how long balding David can keep the humble act going. It's so phony I want to upchuck! Love reading your comments. Makes me look forward to next season.

Kiki's World said...

As always your right on! We love Idol too, and Dancing with the Stars. Any comments about that show? Would love to read them if you do. I'm an old Troy fan and really miss the folks in Delphi, but I see your life is filled with art, your instructional books and grandkids! From a Black Hills fan of yours, KC