Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ravelry Revel

I finished plying the Ravelry singles last night (roving from Twisted Fiberarts, Ravelry Colorway, Cloudy blend-merino and bamboo). By the end of the last skein, I had found my Navajo 3-plying rhythm and it went much faster and smoother (rather than the ply and park method I'd been using). My joins are improving and I am very pleased with the yarn. It came out to 4.4ozs (though the last 2 hanks are a little damp still, so they may lose a tinch) and 297 yds, which is plenty for a pair of socks for me. It's a shade heavier than fingering weight but not quite sport. I will have to experiment with needles (maybe the 3.0 Size 2's will work best). I am itching to cast on, but will wait as book socks have priority for the next 6 weeks. I can't wait to see how it knits up.

Next on the wheel: Colorway: So Far Away (I'm singing Carole King while I spin) , BFL (blue faced leicester) from Yummy Yarns. This is fantastic fiber- I've never spun BFL before- I love it! This roving was dyed beautifully, with 4 identical repeats (the 4th is with the wheel) and a little left over. I'm spinning it fine to 3-ply and preserve the color repeats. The yarn should come out self-striping. I love this colorway.

Links for Twisted Fiberarts and Yummy Yarns in the Stash Enhancers list to the right.

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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Beautiful yarn and roving! I am curious to see how it knits up. Doncha' just love the mystery?

Anyhoo...have you seen this variation on oven-dyeing?

Looks intersting!