Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come on Baby, Let's Do the Twisted

Oh my- you know how when you really look forward to something, and as often as not, that *something* turns out not to be so great? That's not the case with Twisted Fiberarts' sock yarn. I dutifully waited until I finished not only my book, but 2 pairs of recreational socks that were already on the needles, before winding and casting on any Twisted. It was worth the wait. This particular yarn is Playful (superwash merino) in the Karma colorway, which is a mutating variegate, meaning that the mottled colors change gradually throughout the yarn (rather than in distinct stripes, which Twisted does as well). I left the scan big so you can see the gorgeous colors. This is wonderful yarn, and I am down to the heel of the first sock already. I'm doing my usual sock, 60 sts, 2.75mm needles, with a little waffle texture (an easy repeat of K 4 rnds, 2 rnds of K 2 P 2) thrown in for fun.

And I did a little spinning yesterday too- I started Twisted's (I'd think that I was keeping them in business all by myself, but I know that my stash is nothing compared to some) Firefly roving (this is Puffy, which is 100% superfine wool). Firefly is a combo of electric green and yellow, with charcoal, and a lighter gray that has a hint of lavender in it. Gorgeous stuff, that I am spinning fairly fine and will 2-ply. I'm not worrying about keeping stripes in this yarn (I have Firefly sock yarn coming, and a Firefly BFL roving that I will spin to keep the stripes, so this hank can be whatever it wants to be).

And I also knitted up a hat with the Rust Bucket bulky handspun yarn (roving from A Knitting Duck). I only had 100 yds of this yarn and I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough to knit a whole hat, so I put a couple of stripes of gray handspun Romney in there, but I wouldn't have had to. The hat fits me, though it's just a bit snug. It's destined for a young great niece anyway, so it's perfect for her. This is a simple ribbed stocking cap, my own pattern, but far too basic for a Freebie Friday, though I like how the ribbing follows through the decreases. FYI- that is a small styrofoam head, so the hat looks bigger than it is.
Here's the recipe: 100 yds bulky yarn, Size 10 needles- CO 72 sts, join. Work K 2 P 2 Ribbing for 8". Decrease as follows:
Rnd 1: * K 2, P 2, K 2, P 2 tog*, rep around
Rnd 2: *K 2, P 2, K 2, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 3: *K 2, P 2 tog, , K 2, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 4: *K 2, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 5: *K 2, P 1, K 2 tog, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 6: * K 2, P 1, K 1, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 7: *K 2 tog, P 1, K 1, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 8: *K 1, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 9: *K 2 tog, P 2 tog*, rep around
Rnd 10: *K 1, P 1*, rep around
Rnd 11: *K 2 tog* rep around

Cut an 8" tail, thread tail in a large-eye needle, and weave through remaining loops. Tighten and tie off, and weave the end in on the inside of the hat. Weave the other ends in on the inside of the hat. Turn the cuff up as much as desired.

For a larger size, rather than increasing the stitches (which will mess up the ribbed decreases unless you're increasing in increments of 8 sts, which would be too many for this hat, I think), I'd jump up to 10.5 needles, or even 11's, and maybe work another inch or so of ribbing before the decreases.

Last year it was fingerless mittens for everyone for Christmas, this year it may be ribbed hats. I'm starting late, they knit up quickly, there are no heels or thumbs, and you only have to knit one for each person. Sounds perfect to me.


Anonymous said...

I like the green and gray yarn that you spun. Cool socks

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Oh my, you've been busy! Your socks and hat are lovely.