Monday, July 7, 2008

Stashy Enhancier

New stuff to play with: about 4ozs of rainbow, hand dyed Shetland roving, and about 4 ozs of purple/blue/green/yellow Merino/Mohair roving, both from Winderwood Farms ( ). They're beautifully dyed and prepped- I can't wait to spin them. (and btw- Winderwood's prices are fantastic)

And my shameful addiction- yarn from Twisted Fiberarts. The last pre-order came and almost went before I got to it because my modem fritzed, and Twisted's stuff sells out almost instantly. But I did score a skein of Agnes (lovely self-striping green and purple) in Kabam (merino/bamboo- check out the sheen on this yarn), and as always Twisted sent along a little sample skein- I got Netherfield, the colorway I covet the most and have yet to own (in the full size). I was going to knit little socks and mittens for package tie-ons with my sample skeins and spun up roving samples, but now I'm thinking of doing patchwork socks with them, and left overs from my other Twisted yarns, as soon as I get to knit some, and actually have left overs.

I hesitate to say this because I am selfish through and through, but Twisted (link in Stash Enhancers) has announced another pre-order. The colorways are beautiful as always (I have Firefly and Teacake on my wish list, in both yarn and roving), and there is a new colorway, Minstrel, to be announced. The pre-order will go in effect sometime between July 10 and 15. If you want some, be ready to check the website obsessively, and be ready to order the second it becomes available because there is rarely time to reconsider before the allotment sells out (and for those who have never ordered from Twisted- they dye the yarn after the pre-order is completed, so it can take from 1-4 weeks for your yarn to arrive. It's worth the wait).

Speaking of Twisted Fiberarts- I did join their heavy-yarn club, and will get 3 bi-monthly shipments of heavier yarn (not sock weight) in exclusive colorways. The first should arrive next week. I am so excited!

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