Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour de Fleece

I think the actual Tour ends tomorrow (this is how little I care about bicycle racing- I joined the tour for the spinning, not the racing, and I have no idea who is winning on 2 wheels, or the actual timetable). The part that matters to me, the spinning part, ends tomorrow as well, though certainly my spinning won't end. I'll just continue on with pretty much the amount I've been spinning for the last several months (from 8-10pm most evenings). I'll have to add up what I've spun during the Tour, but I think it'll be at least 23 ozs and well over 1000 yds of yarn (a few of the skeins were much heavier, so that pulled the average down).

Yesterday before I left for the movie, I plied the last of the Firefly 2-ply from Twisted, and ended up with 328 yds and 3.9 ozs, plenty enough lovely tweedy striped yarn for the gloves that this yarn is insisting that it wants to be (and Right Now!). And last night I started a rainbow colored Shetland roving from Winderwood Farms. I've never spun Shetland before- it's an entirely different experience from all the Merino I've been spinning. It'll make a much more coarse yarn, but lovely all the same. I intend to 3-ply this yarn, and eventually I'll spin some plain brown shetland roving that I have on hand, plus the bag of white/tan/brown Shetland I got from Shunklies, and I'll do something Fair Isle with it, which is only proper. However, I doubt I'll cut un-reinforced steeks in it, no matter how proper that is.

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Jennifer said...

I have done Shetland from Winderwood and it's been really soft. Maybe yours will be better after washing. One suspects that authentic Shetland from the isle wasn't too soft.