Monday, July 14, 2008

Tip-toe Through the Tulip

As part of my Tour de Fleece challenge, I am spinning Twisted Fiberarts rovings (at least until I run out-I have 3 more on the way but they may not arrive before the bicyclists finish). Last night, I plied 2 bobbins of Twisted's Tulip Festive. Festive is a Merino/Silk combo that is beyond gorgeous. Tulip is a colorway with orange, peach, rose and pink.

Though the colors are bright, there isn't a lot of contrast between the shades, so I didn't even try to keep them separate. I just spun them up medium-fine and 2-plied the yarn. It came out very well indeed- the colors blend and swirl and may knit up with vague stripes anyway. This hank is 2 ozs exactly and 178 yds. The yarn is a medium fingering weight, and incredibly light and squooshy (unusual for my handspun yarns, which are usually sturdy and dense). This yarn would have to be knit at a very tight gauge for socks, and that would waste the squooshiness, so it will probably end up as gloves or a scarf.

I have one more Tulip bobbin to spin, and ply. I will buy more of this blend, that's for sure.


Karen said...

That's really stunning, Kathleen. The colours are beautiful, and I am in awe of your ability to spin...especially to spin smooshy! :D

AmandaZ said...