Monday, July 28, 2008

Tour de Fleece

...and so the Tour ends (don't know who won the bicycle portion, since I'm not particularly interested in bicycles). I don't think there were *winners* in the le Tour de Fleece, but it was fun. I added up what I spun and was amazed. I ended up spinning 27 ozs of rovings (mostly from my stash- though one braid was only in my stash for one day before becoming yarn), and 1568 yds of 2-3 ply yarn! If they'd all been the same color/blend/breed/size, I would have enough for at least a child-size sweater.

As it is, I spun enough yarn for several pairs of socks, a slew of hats, and at least one pair of gloves. I couldn't show 281 yds of the yarn because that was spun for a book project deadline, but the rest all showed up here, including today's 1.5 ozs of 3-ply Shetland, which clocked in at 72 yards. The yarn is a lot softer than I expected it to be, though it'll never be next-to-skin in any place where the skin might care if the yarn is coarse (my hands and feet don't care, nor does my head). This rainbow dyed yarn is coming out very pretty, and I'm enjoying spinning it.

I also spun a little sample of Twisted Fiberarts Ravelry (Lively- superwash merino)- it came in at 11 yds of 3-ply, and a fraction of an ounce. (and having that sample to spin means that my large Twisted order came in. Such lovely yarns- I'll post pics tomorrow). I'm putting all of the little samples, along with leftover handspun, in a bag, to make some sort of patchwork project eventually. Maybe entrelac socks. If I ever learn how to do entrelac.

And the gloves are almost done- just 3 fingers and a thumb left to knit. I'm going to run out of yarn from the first hank, and will have to wind the other (oh noes...), which is sort of the knitting equivalent of running out of bobbin thread with one seam left to sew. I love how this yarn is knitting up- the stripes are roughly matching even though I didn't try to spin striping yarn, or knit matching gloves. They'll be soft and warm and gorgeous when done.


Karen said...

Yay! Go you! I have serious glove envy now, and am thinking that this may be my next knitting frontier.
Like you, I'm not sure about the whole entrelac thing, but who knows? Mebbe.
Oh, and my Twisted Fiberarts stuff arrived today do realize you've probably created another addict, right?

Kathleen Taylor said...

heh... my work on this planet is nearly done...