Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twisted Time is Here

(I'll run out of *twist* puns before I run out of Twisted yarn and roving)... Anyhoo... I finished the first sock from Twisted's Karma colorway, and it could not have turned out better. I love love love this yarn, and I love love love the mutating variegate. And the gentle waffle texture plays off the colors very well. I started the sock in the middle of a dark band, which will make finding that exact spot to cast on the mate a little tougher, but I'll give it a shot. It would be very cool if somehow the 2nd sock also divided the color band right at the heel the way the first one did. The colors in the scan from yesterday's post are more true to the yarn.

And I finished another hat. I've had this handspun yarn in the wool room forever. I don't know the wool breed- it's bouncy and medium soft, and I have a vague memory of spinning it from the lock (which would account for the thick and thin-ness of the yarn). I may even have spun it in the grease. I do know that the pink band at the edge of the cuff was some single that I had on hand that I just plied it with the rest of the white yarn. I rather like the look. This hat was knit like yesterday's, but on size 11 needles and with 68 sts (I had to ignore the last 4 sts of the last repeat on the decrease rnds, but it came out fine anyway). It's just a bit bigger and roomier than the first hat. It will go in the Christmas pile.

I have to concentrate on a project article (not for the book) this morning, so it's back to work- but this deadline isn't terribly tight, so I will still get to play later today (and I am making myself work today because I'm going to see the X-Files movie at the matinee on Friday... Wahoo!).


duraknit said...

Kathleen, please have someone clock your stitches per minute when you're knitting socks. You are really starting to scare me!!

--ELizabeth D

Kathleen Taylor said...

heh... It's not that I knit all that fast, it's that I'm not doing much of anything else right now...