Friday, July 25, 2008

The Yarn is Out There

Sorry, I'm a little X-Filiated today. I'm going to see I Want to Believe, and I Want To See it badly enough that I'm willing to drive 100 miles for the joy of Mulder and Scully, all angsty and tensiony and whiskery (just Mulder) and pouty (both of them) and spooky, and maybe a little smoochy, again. My expectations are low- I just want a new X-Files episode, and some popcorn out of the deal (oooohhhhh..... popcorn.... it's been a long time). So I suspect I'll enjoy myself.

In the meantime, I finished another ribbed handspun hat. This one was knit from lumpy bumpy yarn I spun a couple of months ago. It came out well, and I have enough yarn to knit another hat, though I'll probably use a different pattern (no fun in making them identical). This one goes in the Christmas Pile with the rest.

And I plied 2 ozs of Twisted Firefly Merino yarn. This is 154 yds, and I have about that much left to ply. The yarn came out beautifully- you can't tell it in the hank, but it will stripe, though not in any regular fashion. I have a sinking feeling that this is going to end up as gloves. It'll be gorgeous as gloves, with each finger a different color, or color combo, and the gloves not at all matching as far as stripes. In fact I can't wait to cast on. But gloves are a major PITB- something I always forget after I finish what I swear will be my last pair of gloves. This time around, I actually remember that I don't love knitting gloves, but I'm going to do it anyway because that's the way I roll.

I'll be back tonight with a movie review.

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Anne said...

The glove fingers are the problems for me. Have you ever tried double knitting to create a tube for the fingers? I find it easier then juggling double point needles. I sometimes get confused and cross the yarn - this is something I have to concentrate on when I'm doing it - like kitchner stitch. Quiet house and no distractions.