Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Effect of Celery on Loose Elastic

The Institute of Official Cheer link has been posted to the right of this page, since the blog was started (almost a year ago- wow...). If you haven't explored The Institute's dark and hilarious passageways, go and do so immediately.

If you don't have time for the entirety of James Lilek's linkorama, at least check this wing out: Celery + Gravity = Art, on the ultra cheesy, and veritably creepy 50's pinup art of Art Frahm. ( It's safe for work, though in hilarious retro bad taste. Enjoy the "art", but enjoy the commentary even more.

My Uncle Larry actually had this print on a calendar, hanging in his kitchen, when I was very small. I remember puzzling for a very long time before I finally figured out why the pretty lady had such a funny look on her face. And then I spent the rest of the day, yanking on my undies, to make sure they didn't fall down too.


Karen said... that guy. I got his "Regrettable Foods" book way back, and it's still a family favourite.

And doesn't your underwear fall down when you're in an elevator? I know mine certainly does. Gravity, doncha know.

maxine said...

Someone needs to inform the institute... I am pretty sure that is a slip falling, not panties...and yes, that does really happen, though perhaps not so dramatically.

Love the link!