Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We're heading out the door, and will be gone for a few days. I'll post if I can (and I'll upload the Thursday Tab before we go), but don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until Saturday.

I finished my first pair of Twisted Fiberarts socks- these were knitted in the Karma colorway, and I love them, the colorway, and the yarn base. It's extremely soft and squooshy, and it knit like a dream. The pattern is an easy waffle texture (K 2 P 2 for 2 rnds, K 4 rnds- works with any multiple of 4 sts), and the colors are fantastic.

I got another hank of the rainbow dyed Shetland (from Winderwood Farms) spun and plied. This is 1.4 ozs and 77 yds, 3-ply. It looks like sportweight, but I think it's going to knit like worsted. I have 1 more section to spin. I'll end up with around 220 yds- enough for a pair of mittens I think.

And the handspun Firefly gloves are done! I love how they came out- the yarn was right, it needed to be gloves. This is an original pattern, destined to be a Freebie Friday (maybe next week), and it should fit most adult women (and older youths). The only tweak I am going to make to the pattern is to reduce the number of sts in the thumb and gusset- it's a tad loose. I'm just going to reduce it by 2 sts, and I'll adjust the pattern. I am not tearing out all of the fingers to reknit the thumb gusset- I can live with these as they are, happily. Oh, and I ran out of yarn in the first ball with 1" of the thumb left, and had to wind the 2nd ball. Just like running out of bobbin thread on the last seam.

Catch all y'all on the flip.

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