Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tip-toed through the Tulip

I am so happy with this yarn- it's soft and squooshy and beautiful. The colors blend and swirl, and depending on what I knit with it, it may even stripe a bit. Twisted Fiberarts wool/silk blend (called Festive) is a dream to spin- it drafted easily and was perfectly dyed and prepped. The Tulip colorway of orange/peach/pink/rose is lovely, and I ended up with a total of 375 yds of 2-ply yarn (from 4 ozs of roving). As I said yesterday, I don't want to make socks with this yarn (well, I do want to knit socks with it- I want to knit socks with every yarn) because I'd have to knit it very tightly for it to be durable at all, and knitting it tightly would waste the squoosh. But I could knit gloves with the larger size 2 needles, or a lace-ish scarf with even bigger needles, and that would use the yarn to its best advantage, I think.
Here are before and after pics, though the real after would be after it's knit.

This was spun for the Tour de Fleece challenge (and for my own enjoyment), and I already have 2 bobbins of Twisted's Giles colorway (Puffy- 100% superfine wool) ready to ply. I may or may not get to that today.

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