Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AI- Top 6 Performance

This is going to be a short recap because there were major audio and video glitches throughout the show. We’ve had small problems with this ever since Fox went digital, but tonight’s show was the absolute worst- the transmission froze, pixilated, and broke up constantly, and often when the video worked, the audio disappeared. It was extremely annoying.

Randy left the golf sweater home, in favor of a t-shirt. Kara is in a pink Barbie dress and a sleek extension ponytail. Paula is ready for the Sparkly Ren Faire in brown and purple.

Lil is wearing a skin-tight black jumpsuit that emphasizes her curves (this is not a bad thing- if ya got ‘em, flaunt ‘em). I saw very little of this performance, and heard nothing at all except for the last few notes, which were shrieky. But I don’t need sound to know that Lil needs to shut up. I can read Simon’s lips well enough to agree with him.

Kris is wearing a t-shirt, dog tags, a guitar, and maybe sweat pants. What little I heard of his Ricky Martinized version of She Works Hard For the Money was interesting. I like bongos, and I think I would have liked this performance. The sound kicked in for Paula’s commentary. Evidently, it’s against The Man Rules for a guy to sing a song written by a woman, about a woman. Good to know.

Danny has a black leather jacket and a 5 o’clock shadow. He’s singing Earth, Wind and Fire, and while I can’t hear him, he looks like he’s having fun. Paula is dancing, and the crowd is cheering. Danny’s four sisters are all wearing flowery dresses. The singing? Hell if I know.

Allison is wearing the most confusing and wonderful (literally) outfit I’ve ever seen. I think she has rubber leggings under a sparkly dress with a zippered leather corset, topped by the world’s weirdest ship's steward jacket (it has sparkly piping, strange pointy tails that trail from her shoulder blades to her waist, and seems to be split up the back). Oh yeah, there are also stilettos. On the other hand, her hair is fairly mainstream, and the sound worked for her entire performance of Hot Stuff. I loved it, from the slow beginning to the rocking end. The kid dresses funny but she has pipes.

Adam is back in Kurt Russell mode, if Kurt Russell ever wore a black satin jacket with pointy shoulder pads, combed his hair in a thick mini Mohawk, and wore a heavy pinky ring shaped like a coiled snake. Once again, the sound flips out, so I can see, but not hear, that Adam is singing If I Can’t Have You very slowly. I can tell that the judges love it.

Matt has an inexhaustible supply of stupid hats (or maybe he keeps wearing the same one week after week. All stupid hats look the same to me). The snips I hear of Stayin’ Alive sound more like rap than disco. I don’t think Matt used his freebie very wisely.

Anoop rocks the combo of pink and facial hair. What little I heard was okay, but not inspiring. The judges seem to be split on this performance.

The sound kicked in for the recap, so I was able to confirm that Lil was, indeed, shouty, I do like bongos, Danny sounded just like Danny, Allison was as good as I thought she was, Adam’s arrangement was maybe a tinch too slow, Matt’s hat does not sing well, and Anoop looks good in pink.

Who’s going home? At this stage, it theoretically could be anyone, but I am pretty sure Adam and Danny are in it for the long-haul. The rest could go at any time, but my guess is Matt and Lil are out.

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