Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So as not to tire of the empty wire-song traits

Gotta love translation engines.
The pictures of silk production on this eBay auction are fascinating, but the riveting thing about this listing is the text. Be sure to read the text in the green box at the bottom (Sample: *Storage silk was to be stored in ventilated and dry place, storage time should not be subject to heavy pressure of the home so as not to tire of the empty wire-song traits be adversely affected. )


DrLeonesse said...

Oh yes! Some of the translations, especially of Japanese, are alternately mind-blowing or hilarious. The Sanquahar glove translation is a gem.

duraknit said...

Kathleen, I used an online translator for a Finnish knitting pattern, and got this for the first paragraph:

Collected less than 7 brothers-wire + below the ball Tango fans. Little snippets of black and white 7 brothers eye and nose Embroidery.

--Elizabeth D

Ruth said...

I wouldn't dream of tiring the empty wire-song traits.