Monday, April 20, 2009

This 'n That

Nothing cohesive to report today, just bits and pieces.

#1. Registrations for workshops at SAFF are open to non-SAFF members. If you're planning to go, now would be a good time to register for classes. I hear that they fill up quickly (though as always, I'm worried that no one will sign up for my classes). Link to SAFF on the right side of this page.

#2. I finished listening to Queen Lucia, via Librivox podcasts (link on the lower right), and loved it totally. I wish that the other 4 books in the cycle were available. But even more than the book, I loved the reader, Martin Clifton. He did a fantastic job of reading both QL and Miss Mapp- these were technically the best recordings I've listened to from Librivox so far. There were no glitches, no sudden changes in sound level, no weird background noises, no odd changes in readers when I wasn't expecting it. I liked listening to Martin Clifton so much that I did a search of Librivox for more of his readings, and found a good long list (Dickens, Shakespeare, The Bible, and old scientific texts, as well as other fiction and poetry). I'm going to start his reading of G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Knew Too Much this morning. This will be the first time I've listened to a book that I have not previously read. It'll be interesting to see how well I follow a totally new story on the treadmill (or running outside, since the weather is finally getting better).

#3. I printed labels for all of the wines that were started last fall. Something like 87 new bottles in the wine cabinet now.

#4. I'm nearly done with the first Twisted Braider Handspun sock. I did drop down to size 2.5mm needles for the heel and foot, and am happy with the firm texture of the fabric. I didn't have to increase the stitch count- the sock is snug but fits fine. I decided not to continue the waffle texture (K 4 rnds, 2 rnds K2 P2) on the instep because I thought the change in needle size would *show*.

#5. I'm about 3/4 done hand-quilting the Moda Portugal bag. My quilting/patchworking skills can be charitibly called rustic, but I'm happy with the results (especially considering that I'm not using a hoop or quilt stand). I am still wildly in love with these fabrics, and want more more more.

#6. I have to go back to work on the Mystery Crochet Project today. I'm watching Season 2 of Dexter as I crochet, which may be a sort of odd accompaniment to this particular design, but it works for me.

#7. My sister Terri sent this picture of snow rollers (from the Weather Service, taken near her home in Lewiston, ID). It needs the perfect combo of light, wet snow, temp and wind to produce these magic little snow bales. Aren't they amazing?


Geek Knitter said...

I must have stared at that picture of the snow for a full five minutes... I was mystified!

joannamauselina said...

I thought those snow bales were some lace edging you had crocheted with fluffy yarn! Glad they are not! The Quilting is lovely.

Janice said...

Oh wow, my sister lives in Moscow. Haven't been there in winter but the Palouse is beautiful. I love flying into Moscow/Pullman.

Actually I have been to Lewiston. The little plane stops there and them Moscow. One time I was flying in, the plane landed (no announcement or too quiet to hear) I got off and was saying to myself that the airport had really changed. That's when I realized my exhausted pregnant brain had failed me. I had to rush back through security. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow... love those snow things... amazing.

I will have to check out the Mapp/Lucia libriovox recordings...I love all teh books, and find myself rereading them one after the other over and over.

I recently have watched the BBC Mapp and Lucia adaptation from Netflix... with Prunella Scales as Mapp, and Geraldine ____ (she later plays Miss Marple)as Lucia. I find Lucia's voice irritating, but it is fun to see how the stories have been adapted. Reading the books however is the best...