Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ain't we havin' some fun now?

There I was, minding my own business, knitting, spinning, treadmilling, when Quilting whacked me upside the head. I don't even know when I started thinking about it again, though I suppose it's a natural outgrowth of all the doll clothes I've been making (and the 3 doll-size patchwork quilts I inexpertly assembled), and those vintage fabric scraps that begged to come home with me. But it wasn't something that I wanted. Or planned.

Then on Thursday night, as I was obsessively playing Pyramid Solitaire (and doing miserably, as is my wont), I spotted a Facebook ad for quilt fabrics ( ). I clicked on it, and discovered something called Moda (I won't explain- either you know, or you don't) and actually gasped (no problem with wrongly sized prints, or not enough contrast with them, no siree).

And still, I was mostly okay- because Moda was online and I'm trying to limit my online spending. There are no fabric stores left in the area, so I knew I would not be confronted with Moda locally (and by locally, I mean within 100 miles). But yesterday, I had a little time to kill before my knitting group commenced at The Red Rooster, so I wandered up Aberdeen's Main Street. It is true that I knew that the sewing machine repair place also had quilt fabrics, but I firmly believe that the wandering was accidental. I accidentally wandered into the fabric portion of the repair place.
And there, right in front of me, was Moda. Jelly Rolls. Charm Packs. Mini Buns (whatever they're called), triangles, bolts.
And I was lost.
I wanted it all, but settled for an assortment of the Portugal collection- one Charm Pack (40 5" squares- all different prints), several Fat Quarters, and 1 yard of floral. I would have bought a Jelly Roll of coordinating strips as well, but they didn't have one (last night I found one on eBay but am resisting...). I love love love these yellows, corals, blues and greens. I have no idea what I'll make with them- probably more bags (I'm not up to full size quilts, or even baby size). For now, I think I just want to gaze at them.

And then I wandered (this wandering stuff has got to stop) around the shop, and found a basket of Wizard of Oz fabrics ( They had full color versions, and sepia, and I opted for the sepia. I hesitate to show these because the intended recipient will immediately know they're for her, but I can't resist. Aren't they wonderful? Several Fat Quarters, and a panel with assorted larger pictures. I have no idea what to do with them, but whatever it is, it'll be great fun.

But that's it. No more fabrics. I mean it.


duraknit said...

Oh, bad, bad Kathleen! I had managed to escape the knowledge that it is possible to buy April Cornell yardage, and now I'm doomed. . .

--Elizabeth D

Lisa said...

Oh yeah. We're all about the Moda sock monkey charm packs around here. All cause one daughter wants a "surf monkey" theme to her bedroom. Don't ask what that is because I made it up when I saw the charm packs, just as an excuse to buy said charm packs.