Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Not Totally Healthy Recipe that you are Gonna Love, and No AI tonight

My husband, who generally ignores the food-related portions on any show, saw a segment for this No-Flour Chocolate Cake on our early morning local news (I was still snoozing) and said that it looked yummy. So I found the link and made it yesterday.

Okay, so it's not low-calorie, and it's not exactly low-fat, and it has 3 eggs, but it is lower carb (if you use spenda, the only carbs are in the chocolate chips, which are lower than any other kind of candy) and it's totally diabetic friendly (as a treat, not for daily consumption) (and gluten free, which would be nice for my no-gluten sister).

OMIGOD! This cake is absolutely fantastic! It's like a cross between a brownie and fudge- extremely chocolatey, extremely smooth (fudgelike), and very very very rich. You won't want more than a 1/8 serving (or even 1/10) and you'll want to top it with some Lite Cool Whip or Low-Carb Vanilla Ice Cream. This recipe is a keeper.

My modifications: as mentioned above, I used Splenda rather than sugar, and though it's not a sub, I used decaf instant coffee granules. Otherwise, I made it to the recipe (using Hershey's Special Dark Choc Chips).

My granddaughter's Spring Music Concert is tonight, so no AI watching, or recap. Sooth your recap jones by going to Television Without Pity tomorrow (which is what I will do).

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