Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI- Top 5 Elimination

Ryan says that there were 47 million votes last night. For what it’s worth, I tried to vote for Allison on and off, and could not get a single call through until 90 minutes after the end of the show. It’s nice to know that she has a determined fan base.

Randy’s going luau in fuchsia paisley. Kara is wearing one of my mom’s maternity tops from the 50's. Paula looks very 40’s with a brooch in her hair and boobs pushed up to her chin. Simon has on yet another flimsy t-shirt. White this time. And nearly transparent. Probably silk.

The Fordmercial is not only cheesy, it’s boring. The Group sing isn’t much better, though this bunch does harmonize well. Not that they’re actually singing, which is good because Allison does not seem to be able to sing and navigate stairs at the same time.

We’re treated to a clip of the kids at home in the mansion, baking a cake. They break into a totally unrehearsed, spontaneous, spur of the moment, absolutely unscripted food fight. With no prompting from the camera crew or director, they toss all those finished cakes that just happen to be sitting around the kitchen as they break eggs to bake more. Those wacky kids. What hi jinks will they get into next?

Ryan lines them up, and then sends Matt (is that another stupid hat, or the same one from last night? The rosary around the neck is new, however) to the right, and Danny (in Leisure Suit epaulets) to the left, and Allison (purple stretch pants, leather jacket, black strappy top) to the left with Danny, and Kris (plaid farmer shirt) to the right with Matt. Oh no, they’re doing the Top 7 Choose The Group You Belong With tonight, and Adam drew the short straw.

Adam chooses Danny and Allison, which is logical. But… whoa… an actual surprise. Adam joins Matt and Kris in the Bottom 3 (which is the majority of the group, when you think about it). This show makes it a policy never to reveal who is the biggest vote-getter, but I assumed all season, that it was Adam. So much for assumptions, as Ryan makes it clear that this is not just a trick to garner more votes next week- Adam really is B3.

Allison and Danny are both in shock. Kara is up in arms. Adam seems to be taking it well enough.

But before we find out if Adam will be Daughtry’d , we have business to take care of, in the form of Natalie Cole, who continues to trade on her dead father (Still Unforgettable? Seriously?). Natalie is wearing a gold satin swimsuit coverup with slippery shoulders. Her voice is as thin and shrill as ever, and I’ll tell you what’s gotta give. Me, that’s what.

And now, it’s Taylor! Looking good all in black and guitars. I still maintain that Taylor would have been viewed differently on the show if he’d been allowed to play an instrument. He’s singing Seven Mile Breakdown, from his new album. It’s a hard rocking song, and he’s playing the hell out of it, but I’d rather have heard What’s Right is Right (I’m a ballad kind of girl). It was nice of the judges to give him a Standing O. They didn’t mean it, but I appreciate the gesture.

Okay, back to the reason for the show. Whoa again. Kris is safe. Which means that Adam is B2, which I never expected to happen.

And now, we have to listen to Jamie Foxx sing his number one song (where is it number one? We’re not told). I have no idea what it sounds like because I muted the TV (okay, I turned the sound back on for a moment, in the middle, just to make sure that the song was as awful as I expected. It was). Number Ones notwithstanding, Jamie might want to keep his day job. Or his night job. Or even that side-gig insulting Miley Cyrus.

Finally- Adam is safe- not something I ever thought I’d feel relieved to write. He’s not just Constantine Maroulis warmed over- he has the chops to back up the posing, and when he’s not posing, he seems like a genuinely nice kid (whereas Constantine just seemed greasy). I think Adam might want to concentrate on the vocals from now on- the voting public may be bored with staircase/lighting/pouting/shouting/tongue moves. Or at least they’re no longer surprised enough by them, to vote in overwhelming numbers.

Matt’s montage is mostly one stupid hat after another, along with a forehead mole that he might want to have looked at. His singout is, if anything, pitchier and runnier than the performance.

For the first time this season, the show finishes under time, so they hand the mike over to Paula, who has been remarkably lucid so far. Unfortunately, lucid and sensible are not necessarily mutually inclusive.

Next week, it’s rock ‘n roll, which may give Allison one more shot at Top 3. We shall see.


Barb said...

Ryan never said Adam was in the bottom two. He very carefully sent Kris to one of the top four. It was very subtle. I was glad to see Allison in the top 2 along with Danny, they deserve it. I agree that Adam needs to step it up to finish high. Keep up the good work!

LizzieHelen said...

Natalie's performance, to me, showed how a comparatively weak singer can put over a song by virtue of her perfomance skills. I really enjoyed it, even if her vocal range was limited. Jamie's performance was disappointing, partly because of the electronic amplification. I couldn't understand anything he sang; the shout-out guy was better. It was a very danceable, up-beat number, though. Taylor was totally fab.