Monday, April 27, 2009

Better late than never

Bunny, in the comments to yesterday's post, told me something that my friend Lorah tried to explain to me last week, something that I should have known regardless, but was too dense to figure out on my own: that you can sew triangles from squares without cutting them into triangles first. Truly a duh moment, which came well after I'd already cut out all of the triangles for the Pinwheel Baby Quilt.

Speaking of which- ta da! I got the top pieced together yesterday, with nearly all of my corners matching and the little pointy jobbers placed and stitched in neat rows (they're just folded and ironed- sort of free-floating, not patchwork), and the borders on. I pin basted the top to the batting and lining last night, before collapsing (note to self: buy some bigger, better, sharper pins).

This morning, I free-form quilted it on the machine. I still had some trouble with thread breakage, but I did learn that tentative quilting leads to problems. It went far more smoothly when I just put the pedal to the metal and zipped along. My lines and curlicues are decidedly amateur, uneven and not particularly attractive. It's obviously a first effort, but for all that, I think it looks pretty good.

I have the binding sewn on, and I'll stitch it down while I watch Chuck and Heroes tonight. The binding isn't a Moda fabric (the pinwheels and pointy jobbers are all from a Moda Summer Fun Charm Pak, 2 of them actually, though I only used 40 squares total).

In the meantime, I'm making some mish-mash pinwheel blocks, using the Lorah/Bunny Quick and Easy Triangle Block method. Damn, that works slick. And this is my next formal quilt project:


Knitnik said...

Your pinwheels are gorgeous. And that figgy pudding - it makes me want to quilt, and that is saying a lot!!!

Bunny said...

The pin wheels look great. nice points. I am glad you are finding the triangle directions helpful for your other project. I Am having to resist temptation to start new projects looking at your completed pin wheels and the link for the Figgy Pudding.