Sunday, April 19, 2009

At least I waited a couple of hours...

I did gaze at the Moda Portugal fabrics (a couple of the Fat Quarters are from another line, but they coordinate very well). And then I got to work.

I had forgotten how wonderful rotary cutters are- I'd been tearing strips, which certainly gives you nice and even edges and uniform widths, but it also stretches and rolls the edges, and leaves lots of loose threads you have to pull or snip. With a rotary cutter, you get crisp, straight edges instantly (if you cut a straight edge, that is- my sense of straight isn't any better than it ever was, but between the grid on the mat and the lines on the transparent ruler, I didn't do too badly).
Anyway, I used 5" precut Moda Charm Pack squares for centers, and then put borders all around each of 9 squares (I ended up with an extra). Then following a stashbuster quilt suggestion I found online, I cut the squares into uneven quarters, scrambled and reassembled them.

After that, I made 2 panels of 4 squares (approx 16" square), and joined them with lines of 5" squares for the bag sides, and another line of 5" squares for the bottom (it's going to be a bag- did I mention that?), and basted it to one layer of cotton quilt batting. One layer is fairly thin, but when I hand quilted the vintage fabric bag with 2 layers, it ended up more bulky than I expected.

I will hand-quilt the piece now, and then assemble it, with the floral fabric for the liner and straps. I think I'll put a couple of pockets on the inside.

I love these fabrics. I still have at least half of the Portugal Charm Pack left, plus some of the Fat Quarters, so I can make something else with those pieces. Unfortunately, I want more Charm Packs in different color /design combos, and a Jelly Roll, and Fat Quarters... I'm in trouble.


Bunny said...

Nice quilting! what a great pattern. and it looks fairly easy.

Teish said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Quilting is like knitting, SO addictive!